Friday, March 23, 2012

Discovering Peter Ganick: Agoraphobia and No Soap Radio

I've been having lots of fun with these two books by Peter Ganick from the mid 1990's.

From "No Soap Radio":

when you are actual
insert dice
in the core of silk
the tack on focus
keep on
shaken with handkerchief

the blunt object
reminds of this:
that no favor
incrementally architectural
or conceptual has
been so long
pretending elsewhere
a stronger song


versatile promises
this accompanist makes
on a ranged skyline
the option for best wishes
creates a future
incited by haste

no lounge-lizard
whose contract terminates
has ruminated
on purchased sky

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Top Poetry Picks

These are the poetry books that have impressed me the most so far this year. None are 2012 publications.

Rod Smith's "Deed"

Gil Ott's "The Whole Note"

Michael Gottlieb's "The Likes of Us"

Craig Watson's "Sleepwalking With Orpheus"

Frank Sherlock's "Over Here"

William Fuller's "Three Replies"