Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Reading Log

In his novel-in-stories, Burning Babies, Noah Cicero effectively and with a certain raw crudeness befitting the bleak brutality of the lives depicted conveys the psychology of white trash culture. The text is unfortunately undermined, to a certain extent, by the very large number of typos. Frequently whole words are left out leaving the reader to try to decipher what's missing. While annoying, the impact of the author's powerful vision of a world gone mad is not blunted. Fans of Celine would do well to check this guy out.

Just finished a very good flash fiction collection by Kristina Born, One Hour Of Television, which reminded me somewhat of some of Ken Sparling's more recent writing. Both are Canadian and it could be that Born (the younger writer--she's 22) has absorbed some of Sparling's craft into her own style. There are thematic and character interconnections throughout the tiny pieces comprising the book as, for example, a number of very funny satires on the subject of nuclear warfare. Another writer to watch for.

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