Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Easter Rabbit by Joseph Young

With Joseph Young's Easter Rabbit I've learned that when a writer of fiction distills, omits and pares down his subject to the extent and in the manner of the microfictions in this collection, the mind of the reader becomes a much more active participant in the creative process. I found my imagination working to flesh out the wisps of narrative in an effort to understand what I was reading. And furthermore, I found this phenomenon to be very intellectually stimulating. Of course the similarity of what Young is doing to what a poet does is undeniable and he does it extremely well whatever label you put on it. These are highly intriguing and often strikingly beautiful miniatures. Highly recommended

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  1. Hi, Andy. Thanks for reading and the nice words. I appreciate it. Thanks for being such an overall supporter of small press lit, too, as evidenced by this blog.